Itchy scalp keeping you awake at night? Summer nights are dwindling, and the fall season quickly approaches. This summer, you may have started to notice an itchy scalp. Especially in the evening, scalp inflammation can present itself in alarming ways by interrupting your sleep or, even worse, causing hair thinning or redness. If your head of hair is noticeably irritated in the evening, this article is for you.

Possible Causes:

Itchy Scalp, Dry ScalpDry skin- lack of moisture can cause flaky, damaged skin. Our natural ability to retain scalp moisture is challenging as we age. You may require a moisturizing routine to support a proper pH balance.

Buildup- accumulated substances such as synthetic ingredients, allergens, or excessive oil production can linger on the scalp. The buildup will disrupt natural scalp functions and hair growth. Therefore, proper cleansing tailored to the individual’s needs is essential.

Bacteria or fungus- these two organisms reside on your head or in your bedding. The scalp’s natural sebum, or oil production, creates a protective barrier to shield bacteria or fungus from entering the body. But these two organisms are among us, whether we’d like to admit it or not. So cleaning not only our heads of hair but also the surfaces we lay our heads on is vital.

Bedtime routine- perhaps you go to bed with wet hair, or maybe you’re applying home remedies that aren’t helpful enough to your scalp. Your sleep environment matters. A hair professional can recommend the best haircare routine to support a good night’s rest.

Eczema or psoriasis- scalp sensitivities and inflammatory conditions can present symptoms of an itchy scalp. Dryness and irritation must be soothed with gentle moisture to heal and prevent worsened symptoms. You must also consider daily exposure to allergens and outdoor conditions.

Soothe the scalp with these tips!

Scalp Exposure: What are you putting on your scalp? What is your scalp exposed to daily?

Perhaps you are exposing your scalp to sun damage during the day and only notice the aftermath when settling into your bedtime routine. You may also collect scalp irritants like pollen and dirt when you are active outdoors. Minerals and pool chemicals in water can also have damaging effects on the scalp without proper cleansing. Wash your head of hair immediately after water and outdoor activities.

Investigate your haircare products’ ingredient lists. Avoiding harmful substances like preservatives and synthetic additives will decrease skin sensitivities. Minimize the use of styling products. If the ingredients aren’t the worry, perhaps you’re applying too much of one product or layering multiple products. Please think of the scalp as a living, breathing organ because it is! It might not seem as crucial as the lungs or your digestive system, but it absolutely requires nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow.

Cleanse Your Scalp: Consider a scalp treatment from your hair specialist. Try products specific to your scalp for daily cleansing.

Washing your hairAt Bond Studio NYC, we have the tools, techniques and product essentials to battling scalp irritation. We will address your concerns and take steps to prevent future hair loss or scalp issues.

Depending on the assessment, we may recommend a scalp treatment. Scalp treatments can target oil control, dryness, product buildup, bacteria/fungus cleansing, and more. Applying a specialty treatment is not necessary to repeat daily or even weekly. In some cases, monthly treatments or an “as needed” treatment plan will suffice. Routine observation will keep your scalp healthy.

Just like dental care, you need to maintain scalp health with proper hygiene. Hearing the words fungus and bacteria make us all cringe. But the truth is, both can become trapped and grow on the scalp. Even if you bathe regularly, you must use the right products to remove buildup. Otherwise, you risk harboring these dreaded ailments on your scalp for days. Bacteria and fungi may even reside in your bedding and pillowcase.

Maintain A Healthy Sleep Environment

Clean linen for a healthy scalpRegularly cleanse your bedding, and switch out the type of fibers you’re sleeping on if necessary. Each person is different, so choose a bedding option that best suits your needs. Your ideal bedding should support moisture retention and temperature control. You should search for fibers that keep your locks smooth and detangled if you have curls or textured hair. Cotton fibers are breathable and absorb moisture. Silk and satin fibers are lightweight and soft. Those with skin sensitivities and inflammatory conditions should choose fabrics that won’t pull on skin and hair. In addition, there are specialty fabrics that are embedded with silver to combat bacteria growth naturally.

Once your bedding material is selected, keep the bedroom cool. An easy way to prevent evening scalp irritation is to have proper air circulation and cooler temperatures. Cooler temperatures decrease the likelihood of sweating. The body can focus on healing and growth when it isn’t overheating. Regulating your sleep environment is critical to a healthy head.

Whatever it may be, consulting a professional at Bond Studio NYC will bring forth many preventive measures you may not have considered. End scalp itch symptoms and talk to your trichologist about what products best suit you. Beneficial scalp treatments exist, so don’t settle for anything less. Your scalp will thrive with regular wellness checks from Bond Studio NYC, and these tips. Stop the pattern of itch with a consultation From Bond Studio NYC.

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