Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss can be devastating for men, women and children. For most of us, our hair is our crowning glory and to lose it for whatever reason is nothing short of heartbreaking. The causes of hair loss are myriad, with many genetic factors and environmental factors at play. Modern advances in technology have led to fantastic developments in non-surgical hair replacement techniques that make coping with hair loss easier than ever before. The result is a natural-looking head of hair that fits like a glove and moves just like your own hair would if it were thicker or longer. Hair loss does not have to be devastating – there are some beautiful options available!

The good news is these options can help people regrow their hair or to improve the quality of hair they currently have. These include taking supplements, using special shampoos and conditioners or wearing a cap that helps protect your scalp against damage caused by sun exposure or other environmental factors. These solutions or modalities are referred to as trichological treatments. Other solutions may be the use of a wig, topper, hair extensions or even a hair piece. The technology for non-surgical hair loss has come a long way since your grandfathers toupee.

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