Say goodbye to frizz with three easy steps! Do you have natural curls or beachy waves? Have you noticed your curls are dry and frayed at the ends? You can bring life back to your waves in three easy steps. Whether you have spiral ringlets or subtle waves, you could be doing a disservice to your locks when drying your hair after washing. Once wet, your hair has the potential to spring into perfect form. Don’t allow your hair to be damaged and neglected. Let’s get those curls back to health and looking fresh!

Towels on hookFirst, leave the bath towel on the bar! Towels can absorb too much water from your hair. Moisture keeps your hair strands healthy and strengthens each strand. You want to opt for a t-shirt or shirt-like material when drying your head of hair to retain that much-needed moisture. Once most of the dripping is controlled, you want to leave your hair slightly damp. Your hair may feel wetter than usual, but trust me, the last thing you want is to continue the cycle of frizz. Keep those curly ends saturated with water and proceed with the following steps.

Bond Studio Curl CreamNext, add a curl cream or moisturizer to your ends. You left your hair damp, and now the hydration can be locked into place. If you’re unsure about what product to use, ask your hair professional! There are favored brands and ingredients out there with your benefit in mind. Many moisturizing curl creams are inexpensive and give you the perfect waves you’re trying to achieve naturally. Just apply and lightly scrunch the ends working towards the scalp. This can make all the difference!

Dyson Hair DiffuserFinally, diffuse or air dry. Your hairdryer can solidify the look with a diffusing attachment and a low heat setting. Simply attach the comb-like diffuser to your hairdryer and work in sections. Diffusing can retain each curl’s shape without damaging or drying out the hair strands. By maintaining moisture, your hair will become stronger and healthier than ever. Stop stripping your hair of hydration and start following these steps. Your curls will look picture perfect every time!

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